Logistic and Financial Services

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Qardom Archaeological Excavations offers an array of logistic and financial solutions for new and existing archaeological expeditions:

  • Skilled professional personnel: Qardom provides surveyors and drawers, field photographers (and aerial photography), logistical supervisors and archaeologists.
  • Equipment services: Qardom offers equipment rental, from the simplest pickaxe to motorized and electric field tools and heavy machinery. This service is especially useful for small to medium-sized foreign expeditions that seek to avoid purchasing and maintaining an entire excavation tool set, and that wish to avoid dealing with storage in the months between excavations.

 Qardom also offers thorough account management services at affordable rates:

  • Financial account management
  • Secretarial, human resource and payment services for permanent and temporary employees; includes management of acquisition and expense accounts


For more details feel free to contact Boaz Gross at: