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Israeli institute of archaeology supports Archaeology research students and Post Doctorate. These scholarships enable the awarded students to devote themselves to studies and improve their research. The scholarships provide support for the difficult academic road chosen by the students. Scholarships are awarded by a specially designated committee according to specific published criteria.

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Professional Training for the Unemployed

Our past experience with community projects indicates that many of the unemployed, who form the lower socioeconomic levels of society, receive job offers which do not enable them to use their potential thus perpetuating their lower status, and increasing their resentment and estrangement from society.

Employing them in Preservation projects may help enable them to become active participants in developing the cultural heritage of their community and provide them with a paying job they can be proud of. This change may help diminish their estrangement from their community as well as from society in general, sometimes after years of poverty and unemployment.

Despite the fact that the Israeli economy is not currently overflowing with job offers for preservators, experts believe that the field of preservation is about to grow substantially, due to the increasing awareness of the value of preserving historic buildings and monuments, and the ongoing development of Antiquity sites. Professional training for preservation will also enable them with easier integration in the profession of building construction, which offers many well paying job opportunities.

We encourage contributors to collaborate with us in opening Preservation courses for the unemployed, as well as for released prisoners. Courses will be held according to a 610 hours curriculum, including internship. During the six months course, students will take part in an attractive preservation project, which will receive extensive public exposure.

We offer contributors the opportunity to provide a training scholarship for high school dropouts or unemployed adults to become learned and experienced in the profession of preservation.

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Adopting a site or a monument

Israel is the richest country in the world, regarding archaeological sites. Unfortunately, National resources for Restoration, Preservation and Development of archaeological sites are still very limited.

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology creates unique development plans for sites of national and international interest. These projects may be integrated in economic ventures as well. Adopting a site and presenting it as an attraction to the general public is a unique suggestion for commemorating relatives or loved ones. The Israeli Institute of Archaeology offers contributors the opportunity to adopt the following monuments:


  • Ancient Synagogues, Churches, Mosques and even Pagan Shrines
  • Tombs of the Just (righteous)
  • Biblical official and public buildings
  • Magnificent mosaics
  • Roman empire official and public buildings
  • Ancient Khans (inns)
  • Archaeological public gardens in the Community
  • Ancient industry installations including wine presses, olive presses, lime kilns etc.


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Contribution to popular archaeological publications

  • Archaeology in the Verses of the Bible
  • Ancient Synagogues in Israel
  • Churches and Monasteries in Israel
  • Archaeological tours in the Holy Land
  • Album of archaeological research pioneers


These subjects, as well as many more are at the center of public interest in many languages. The Israeli Institute of Archaeology sees publication of quality updated books as a major goal, in order to expose the general public in Israel and abroad to the Archaeology of the land of Israel. These books entail lengthy research and writing, preparation of quality illustrations and photographs, professional editing and graphic design and finally, extensive printing costs. Currently, such projects cannot be carried out without financial support.

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Archaeological Convention Sponsorship

TAGLIOT has acquired much experience in producing large scale archaeological conventions on popular issues. Producing a convention requires long term planning and advertising as well as payment for accommodation, speakers and host, preparing presentations and recruiting a large scale man power.

However, these conventions receive extensive exposure to quality audiences. Such conventions and their publications may provide an important opportunity for sponsorship – organizations, contributors, and business companies.

Special conventions may be organized upon request:

  • Regional conventions dealing with a specific city or region
  • Special content conventions – e.g. medicine and medications in the ancient world – sponsored by medical companies or institutions


 -  Jewellery in the ancient world – sponsored by jewellery companies

 -  Ancient oil production – sponsored by food companies

 -  Archaeology in a foreign country (Greece, Egypt, Turkey etc.) – sponsored by foreign representatives or tourism companies

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Archaeological Convention Sponsorship

TAGLIOT has been producing lectures on archaeological issues for many years. The lectures are presented by Israel's most important experts, in a popular approach, supported by quality presentations. Lectures are held once a week, throughout the year except summer vacation and Holidays.

Currently, these lectures are held in the Tel Aviv area and Jerusalem only. In order to be able to reach additional regions, we require sponsorship to assist prolonged advertising in order to consolidate a large interested audience, as well as assistance in financing a large auditorium, until the project can support itself.

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